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The Mobility.E Lighthouse is one of three lighthouses clustering important projects introduced by the ECSEL Joint Undertaking to signpost subjects of common European interest.

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Bridging gaps & finding new solutions.

Within an internal strategic process of the Mobility.E Lighthouse, R&D&I topics are mapped and structured in a landscape that can be used as a tool to facilitate communication and translation between the different levels of the value chain, ultimately bridging the gap between component development and end-user demands.

In order to react to the ongoing mobility transformation, the identified topics go beyond traditional automotive research fields in order to address novel solutions and respective legal, societal and economic challenges.

Mobility.E Lighthouse


The main goal of the Mobility.E Lighthouse is the promotion of the European ecosystem for mobility innovation in order to keep the European industry ahead of competition.

Furthermore the Mobility.E Lighthouse:

  • Supports the roadmap towards safe, electric, connected and autonomous smart mobility.
  • Addresses major technological, legal and infrastructure innovation challenges facing the large-scale deployment
  • Establishs a link between traditional automotive and ECS communities, to identify and address the needs of the final customer
  • Helps both industries with standardization of technologies



The ECSEL JU, a Joint Undertaking of the European Commission for electronic systems and components for European Leadership, introduced the Lighthouse initiative to signpost subjects of common European interest.

The three lighthouses are the Health.E Lighthouse, the Mobility.E Lighthouse and the Productive.E Lighthouse Initiative working on electronic systems and components innovation in health, manufacturing and mobility.

The lighthouses focus on coordinated activities, for example facilitating the cooperation of several ECSEL projects together with H2020, Eureka, national or regional projects, etc. to enable synergetic effects between them.

The Lighthouses help the industries in the standardisation of technologies or assist in the uptake of technologies that address societal challenges where electronic systems and components improve solutions outstandingly.

Tasks of cosmos


The main objective of the coordination and support action (CSA) COSMOS is to assist the Mobility.E Lighthouse in the acceleration of ECAD deployment and in assuring the competitiveness of European R&D&I. This is achieved by the continuous identification and prioritisation of research topics of the strategic process and by network support measures to foster collaboration among stakeholders and exploit potentials for cross-sectorial collaboration. The latter serve to assure an active exchange throughout and beyond the automotive value chain and to establish a strong link between the ECS and application sides of the value chain in automotive and clean and automated mobility in general.

COSMOS is responsible for

  • Assisting the LIASE for Mobility.E in the continuous identification and prioritisation of research topics
  • Analysing existing roadmaps and SRAs of ECSEL and the ETPs with respect to complementarity and coherence
  • Deducing an action plan for the accelerated implementation of these roadmaps, SRAs
  • Identifying potentials for (cross-sectorial) collaboration and strengthen the stakeholder circle through networking activities between the ECS and automotive industry as well as with non-technical experts for legal, economical and societal issues

As the evolution within the automotive sector demands, these activities must go beyond the traditional automotive business model and also take novel mobility solutions as well as the non-technical aspects associated with these changes into account (e.g. the creation of a suitable legal framework for the operation of autonomous shuttles on public roads).


Funding Agency:


Project Partners:

28 Months (started September 2018)


500.000 Euro

Vysoke Uceni Technicke v Brne (BUT)
AVL List GmbH (AVL)
Kompetenzzentrum - Das Virtuelle Fahrzeug, Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (VIF)
Infineon Technologies AG (IFAG)
Fondation Partenarial MOV’EOTEC (VEDECOM)
VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH (VDI/VDE-IT; coordinator)

Mobility.E Lighthouse is initiated & founded by
ECSEL Joint Undertaking
Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 830847. 2018-2020 COSMOS, All Rights Reserved

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